BRZ - About
Zydeco is a form of Cajun/Creole dance music from Louisiana, incorporating influences like the blues, rock, jazz, and even country. Zydeco can be fast or slow, a two-step, waltz, shuffle, or fast boogie. Above all, zydeco music is about the spirit of community and celebration—it’s an invitation to everyone (whether you “know how” to dance or not) to get out on the dance floor and move to the music!
Black Rock Zydeco delivers a mix of stand-out original songs and Cajun/Creole favorites from classic and contemporary performers. Vocal harmonies, inventive arrangements, and an energetic stage presence all come together for a musical experience that gets crowds moving.

Ron Kowalewski (vocals, accordion)
Ron Kowalewski is a professional musician, educator, and songwriter whose modern zydeco anthem “Two Step Gorilla” has become a fan favorite (and was recently chosen as song of the day by Buffalo’s popular “Good Neighborhood” web site). Ron is well-known for his crowd-pleasing performances with the five-time ArtVoice Best of Buffalo award-winning Skiffle Minstrels. He also performs with Dick Whiskey, one of Buffalo's favorite bar bands. Ron was born and raised in Black Rock.

Kathryn Koch (saxophone)
Buffalo native Kathryn Koch is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist best known for her powerhouse vocals with acclaimed indie folk band Redheaded Stepchild. After spending many years in Nashville, TN, Kathryn recently returned to Buffalo where, in addition to playing sax and singing with BRZ, she continues to showcase her songwriting and re-interpretation of traditional folk music as a solo act. Kathryn also sings and plays harmonica with Alan "ADub" Whitney and the Healing Committee.

Tim Gettings (bass)
Although he claims to be “old as dirt” and “unable to remember his middle name,” Tim never fails to keep Black Rock Zydeco on the funky side. He’s been playing in pop and blues bands since the 1970s, worked as a session guitarist with Tommy Calandra, and sat in with Spoon and the House Rockers at The Buena Vista. Tim is also a member of Dawgs In The City, for whom he plays guitar and harmonica.

Jeff Schaller (drums)
Jeff has enjoyed steady work since picking up the drums as a teenager, having performed or recorded with over 50 different acts in a wide array of styles covering Funk, Rockabilly, Indie Rock, Celtic, Americana and Country. He's been published in Modern Drummer magazine and has been featured in Drum! magazine as well. Jeff has performed in 35 different US states, throughout Canada & Puerto Rico and has recorded in Los Angeles, NYC & Toronto.

Tyler Westcott (guitar)
Tyler Westcott is a multi-instrumentalist wunderkind with a plethora of musical tastes and interests. Tyler is a founding member of the FolkFaces, a Buffalo-based band playing a mix of blues, ragtime, bluegrass, folk (obviously), jazz, punk, rockabilly, and more. He also appears with La Coeur, The Observers, and Buffalo Hot Jass Revival."

"Satellite" Joe Rychlik (scrub board)
“Satellite” Joe Rychlik is a multi-dimensional performer who has been steeped in zydeco music. Playing complex, dancing-inspiring rhythms on the frottoir (scrub board) . . . well, it’s sort of his version of going to church. When he’s not scrubbing or singing vocal harmonies for Black Rock Zydeco, you can find him on stage as the percussionist for the psychobilly/punk band The Meat Whistles.